Securities & Futures Commission of Hong Kong

Corporate Affairs

This division is comprised of: 

  • Planning and Administration 
  • External Relations
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology

 What we do:

  • Provide overall support for SFC operations, including human resources recruitment and development, information technology, project management, finance and administration
  • Communicate with external stakeholders
  • Receive complaints about conduct in the financial markets and public enquiries
  • Help investors understand investment risks and markets 

Planning and Administration

  • Drives strategic and corporate planning
  • Coordinates cross-divisional activities and resources
  • Monitors high-priority projects within Corporate Affairs to ensure key risks are being addressed and are delivered effectively and on time
  • Provides day-to-day administrative support, office facilities, and corporate security
  • Provides library service and research assistance

External Relations

  • Promotes communication with the public and other key stakeholders, including planning and coordinating activities to build and maintain stakeholder relations
  • Receives visitors and provides initiatives to explain our role and responsibilities
  • Responds to public enquiries and handles complaints about misconduct in the financial markets in the first instance 


  • Provides accounting and treasury support to the SFC and its subsidiaries, the compensation funds, the dealers’ deposits funds and the Securities Training Sponsorship Foundation Ltd
  • Formulates and administers internal control procedures in finance-related areas to maintain effective and efficient operations
  • Prepares annual budget and monitors the SFC’s income and expenditure

Human Resources

  • Provides strategic leadership on people-related matters, involving organisational effectiveness and employee satisfaction
  • Provides a full range of centralised, comprehensive human resources services, including employee development, performance management, recruitment, compensation & benefits and employee engagement
  • Provides training to staff for individual and organisational development

Information Technology

  • Manages the best use of information technology to provide timely and secure market information to the SFC
  • Provides information technology services to all SFC staff 
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