Securities & Futures Commission of Hong Kong

SFC in Action 3

"SFC in Action 3", jointly produced by the SFC and Radio Television Hong Kong is a law-enforcement television drama highlighting the importance of vigorous enforcement for safeguarding the integrity of the market and protecting the interests of investors.

The six Cantonese episodes were aired on TVB Jade and RTHK TV 31 from 5 August to 9 September 2015. The episodes can now be viewed on RTHK Podcasts (Chinese version only). The synopses of the six episodes are as follows:

 Episode 1 "Good Buddies"  

Synopsis: Stephen Wong is a young Chinese herbalist with a sense of humour. He reckons he has insights into the stock market that could help his clients and friends earn money. Everything seems to be going well until the stock market crashes. Alex (an old friend since school days who pays Wong commission for every winning stock tip) has a breakdown after losing everything he has. The SFC is investigating complaints that Wong is receiving payments for unlicensed investment advising. Wong pleads ignorance but all the evidence points to wrong-doing.

 Episode 2 "Super Idol"  

Synopsis: Ryan Ma, CEO of Life Wiki, wants to make a mark in the business world. Angus, a new Life Wiki recruit, sees Ma as a "Super Idol" and asks his mother to buy big lots of Life Wiki shares. A financial news portal releases a negative report on the company and questions the quality of its mineral water products, triggering sharp falls in Life Wiki's share price. Ma stages a press briefing to refute Professor Fong, a stock market commentator who has gained the trust of retail investors. Meanwhile, the SFC is monitoring Life Wiki shares' unusual price movements related to short-selling activities. Both Ma and Professor Fong are hiding something from the public. 

 Episode 3 "Debt"  

Synopsis: Tak Shing, orphaned as a young boy, was adopted by Kam Shui's family – they were fishing boat neighbours – and still feels indebted to them. But nowadays Kam Shui is not doing well. Always hoping to earn easy money, he is heavily in debt due to trading losses. Meanwhile, Tak Shing is tired of Kam Shui's incessant demands for money. After one such demand, Tak Shing leaks insider information to Kam Shui. But Tak Shing doesn't realise that he too will be caught up in the SFC's investigation.

 Episode 4 "Market Manipulation"  

Synopsis: Lee Man-sang is an aspiring teacher who believes his knowledge of the stock market will help him earn good returns. After all, interest rates are so low and it makes no sense to leave money in the bank. His broker convinces him that making money in the market is easy, but does not explain that creating a false market for a stock is an offence. By the time Lee realises what he has done, it is too late. Not only will there be no dream holiday with his girlfriend, his career is also in jeopardy.

 Episode 5 "Entrepreneurs"  

Synopsis: Brothers Chan Ho-yeung and Chan Tze-lung are not great business men. Their family toy business faces a multitude of problems: poor sales, shortage of working capital, labour disputes, strikes and mounting debts. Ho-yeung, the elder brother and Chairman of the listed toy company, tries his best to keep the business going, but Tze-lung does not think it can survive and decides that closing down would be good for everyone. When the news that the company has halted production reaches the market, its shares fall sharply triggering an SFC investigation. 

 Episode 6 "Convenient Truth"  

Synopsis: Fung Yuen is a small broker whose clients are mostly old friends and villagers. They trust Fung Yuen because he seems to know more than they do and he looks after their investments. They are promised an interest rate of 3% just for depositing money with his firm. Fung Yuen, on the other hand, reckons he is doing his clients a favour by using their money for other purposes, and moreover he is convinced that they are going to lose it all sooner or later anyway.

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