Securities & Futures Commission of Hong Kong

Core values

At the SFC, we abide by our core values. First, we are committed to "being professional" in all aspects of our roles in fulfilling our daily functions. Secondly, we take a "proactive" approach to delivering tangible results and seeking continuous improvement. Thirdly, we make sure that "people count" in an organisation by recognising staff as our greatest asset and a key driver for success.

These core values serve as our guiding principles for reinforcing positive employee behaviour. Throughout the years, we have devoted much time and effort to cultivating a workplace which instils and promotes these values. In so doing, we seek to attract, motivate and retain the best talent.

Being professional

As a statutory regulator, we must set a good example in corporate governance for the business community as well as society as a whole. Our people are committed to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, fairness and ethics in everything we do—from answering public enquiries to drafting rules to guide the industry. To ensure our employees comply with the highest standards, we communicate our expectations to them clearly through our staff code of conduct, various working manuals and guidelines.

A competency framework articulates the specific management and technical skills required of employees at each level. Practical training programmes are organised regularly to help staff members stay up to date in their areas of expertise.

Staying proactive

We strive to make continuous improvements so as to anticipate challenges and move in step with the times.

Our internal practices, procedures and systems are subject to regular reviews and enhancements. We also evaluate and adjust our manpower strategy from time to time to address changing market needs and to support our long-term development.

In addition to hiring experienced professionals, we recruit young talent from local and overseas tertiary institutions through our Graduate Trainee Programme established in 2009.

People count

People are our most important assets. We promote the SFC as an employer of choice. Our employee value proposition, "the right place for people with a purpose", expresses our unique positioning and vital role in the financial community as well as the challenging and dynamic work environment we offer.

We are dedicated to developing employees’ skills and careers as part of a dynamic organisation, which operates at the forefront of global financial regulation. Staff learning focuses on structured and on-the-job learning. We provide employees with coaching and networking opportunities, and set up cross-divisional projects to train up young professionals. Structured learning courses and soft skills training programmes are also offered throughout the year.

Personalised career planning is in place to help employees set development goals and map out personal growth and professional advancement in a proactive and achievable manner. We implement a total reward strategy and recognise individuals and teams for their outstanding contributions to the organisation through the annual SFC Employee Awards.

Clear and open collaboration is vital. We encourage employees to express or give voice to their ideas and viewpoints through both formal and informal channels. Our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) regularly communicates with employees on the latest market and regulatory developments as well as organisational matters during CEO sharing sessions, where he also addresses questions posed by staff through the SFC intranet.

To foster a culture of engagement, we regularly organise internal communication programmes to facilitate cross-divisional communication. In sessions of the Commission Connection Series, divisions share their operational approaches, strategic direction and current developments, such as the SFC's latest enforcement actions and international engagement work, with colleagues from other divisions.

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