Securities & Futures Commission of Hong Kong

Market infrastructure & trading

We supervise market operators, namely, the exchanges, clearing houses, share registrars and alternative trading platforms. To enhance operations of Hong Kong's markets and to ensure they evolve in stride with macro international developments, we introduce new rules from time to time (such as those governing short-selling and over-the-counter derivatives) and refine existing rules when the need arises.

 You will find in this section:

Market statistics

Regularly updated statistics on the Hong Kong securities and futures markets, SFC licensees and registrants, and investment products

Research papers

Research papers on global and local securities markets, initial public offerings, regulatory changes and mainland-related issues, among others

Approved or authorized entities

A list of authorized entities and the relevant rules by which they are governed

Short position reporting

Reference materials related to the short position reporting regime, including guidance note on short position reporting, reportable short position template, user guide, frequently-asked questions and aggregated reportable short positions of specified shares, etc.

OTC derivatives regulatory regime

All reference materials related to the OTC derivatives regulatory regime, including legislation, rules, gazette notices, public consultations and conclusions, FAQs and manuals

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