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211022 Part Time Temporary Assistant _6-Month Contract - HR- CB211018 Temporary Manager 1-Year Contract - Enforcement _Investigation _CFCM210930 Clerk - Intermediaries Supervision Intermediaries Inspection Intermediaries210930 Manager - Information Technology_ Corporate Affairs Technical Architect Team210930 Temporary Manager Assistant Manager 12-Month Contract- Human Resources Corporate Affairs210930 Temporary Manager Assistant Manager 12-Month Contract - Human Resources CB CA210924 Secretary - Investment Products _Structured Products210921 Manager - Enforcement_Discipline - Intermediary Misconduct Team210916 Assistant Manager - Enforcement _Investigation - Intermediary Misconduct Team210916 Management Associate - Enforcement _Investigation - Intermediary Misconduct Team210927 Temporary Administrator - Enforcement210827 Manager _ Intermediaries Supervision _Intermediaries210827 Legal Executives_Legal Services210827 Senior Manager_Basel model risk specialist_Intermediaries Supervision_Intermediaries210813 Assistant Manager_Web and Digital- IFEC210813 - Temporary Clerk 6-Month Contract - Intermediaries Supervision210730 Assistant Manager -Information Technology-Corporate Affairs_Application Services Team210730 Translator - Finance_Translation Team_Corporate Affairs210806 Manager - Investment Products_ Structured Products210806 Manager _Intermediaries Supervision_Intermediaries Anti-Money Laundering210806 Temporary Manager_Assistant Manager - Human Resources L_D_12-month contract210903 Temporary Legal Executives 6-12Month Contract - Enforcement210903 Temporary Legal Executives 6-Month Contract - Enforcement210917 Senior Manager Inspection - Sponsor Team - Intermediaries Supervision Intermediaries210917 Temporary Administrator -Translation Team_Finance_Corporate Affairs210709 Temporary Administrator_Clerk_Assistant_1-Year Contract210709 Temporary Assistant Manager_Management Associate_Legal Executive_1-Year Contract210709 Administrator - Legal Services210707 Temporary Legal Executives_6 months contract_Enforcement210702 Manager - Corporate Finance_IPO Transaction Team210702 Temporary Legal Executives_Paralegals _6-Month Contract - Investment Products210723 Assistant Manager - Data Analytics Group_SOM210723 Assistant Manager - Enforcement _CFCM210723 Assistant Manager - International Affairs _ Sustainable Finance_CEOO210723 Assistant Manager - Investment Products210723 Management Associate - Enforcement CFCM210723 Manager - Enforcement CFCM210723 Manager - Investment Products210723 Temporary Manager - Enforcement Investigation -IMT_6-month contract210625 Manager - Investment Products210625 Assistant Manager - Investment Products210625 Assistant Manager_Communications and Resources- IFEC210625 Manager - Licensing_Intermediaries210625 Counsel - Legal Services210625 Manager - Complaints Team_Corporate Affairs210618 Temporary Assistant_Office Management Team_4-Month Contract- IFEC210616 Part-time Intern_2-3-Month Contract- Planning and Administration_Corporate Affairs210611 Temporary Legal Executives_Paralegals_Six-Month Contract- Legal Services210611 Part-time Intern_6-Month Contract- Planning and Administration_Corporate Affairs210611 Assistant Counsel_Advisory - Legal Services210603 Temporary Assistant_1-Year Contract - Complaints Team_Corporate Affairs210601 Manager - Enforcement_Investigation - Intermediary Misconduct Team210604 Assistant ManagernFintech unit- Licensing_Intermediaries210601 Manager - Investment Products210528 Senior Manager - Enforcement _Investigation - Market Misconduct Team210528 Temporary Legal Executives_Paralegals _6-Month Contract - Investment Products210518 Senior Manager_Head of Innovation and Partnerships - IFEC210514 Manager - Licensing_Intermediaries210414 Manager - Corporate Finance_Post-IPO Case Team210430 Temporary Assistant Manager_12-Month Contract - HR_Learning_Development_Corporate Affairs210430 Temporary Manager_6-Month Contract - HR_Learning_Development_Corporate Affairs210521 Assistant Manager _Supervision of Markets _Market Analysis210521 Management Associate_Intermediaries Supervision_Intermediaries210521 Manager - Intermediaries Supervision_ Intermediaries210521 Senior Manager - Enforcement _Investigation - Intermediary Misconduct Team210521 Temporary Senior Manager_Manager _1-Year Contract_ Intermediaries Supervision210430 Assistant Counsel_Litigation - Legal Services210419 Senior Manager - Licensing_Intermediaries210419 Manager - Intermediaries Supervision_Off-site monitoring_Global Institutions210409 Manager_Assistant Manager_Intermediaries Supervision_Inspection_Intermediaries210409 Manager - Enforcement _International Cooperation and Enforcement Policy210409 Manager - Supervision of Markets_Market Analysis210409 Senior Manager - Investment Products_Structured Products210423 Assistant Manager - Intermediaries Supervision- Intermediaries210423 Manager - Information Technology- CA -Infrastructure and Data Centre Operations210423 Manager -Information Technology-Corporate Affairs_Application Services Team210423 Part-time Temporary Administrator 1-year contract - Investor and Financial Education Council210409 Clerk - Investment Products210409 Secretary - Enforcement210302 Temporary Office Assistant_6-Month Contract - Planning and Administration_Corporate Affairs210226 Manager-Enforcement_Intermediary Misconduct Team210226 Manager - Investment Products_Structured Products210226 Assistant Manager - Investment Products210226 Manager - Investment Products210305 Temporary Clerk - Corporate Finance210312 Manager - Data Analytics Group_Supervision of Markets210312 Temporary Data Analyst _12-Month Contract- Data Analytics Group_Supervision of Markets210401 Temporary Manager _1Year Contract - Licensing_Intermediaries210226 Senior Manager - Investment Products-mainland_a210226 Senior Manager - Investment Products210218 Manager - Press Office_CEOO210208 - Temporary Manager_6-Month Contract - Press Office_CEOO210205 Temporary Legal Executives_EnforcementTemporary Legal Executive / Paralegal (6-Month Contract) - Investment Products210201 Temporary Administrator_ Assistant 6-month contract - HR _Learning Development210205 Assistant Manager - Investment Products210205 Manager - Enforcement_International Cooperation and Enforcement Policy210205 Manager - Investment Products210205 Manager - Investment Products -Structured Products210205 Manager _Assistant Manager - IS_Inspection_ Intermediaries210205 Manager _Head of Digital Learning - IFEC210205 Senior Manager - Investment Products210205 Temporary Manager _ One-Year Contract - Licensing- Intermediaries210205a Senior Manager - Investment Products_Mainland focus210129 Temporary Administrator_Enforcement210129 - Director_Supervision of MarketsSenior Manager (Basel model risk specialist) - Intermediaries Supervision, Intermediaries210115 Assistant Manager_Intermediaries Supervision_Inspection_Intermediaries210115 Temporary Assistant one-year Contract_ Licensing _ Intermediaries210115 - Temporary Clerk 6-Month Contract - Intermediaries Supervision201231 Assistant Manager_Information Technology_Corporate Affairs _Application Services Team210122 Assistant Manager-Intermediaries Supervision-Sponsor Team201231 Temporary Legal Executives_Enforcement201221 Temporary Assistant Manager 12-month Contract_ Licensing _ Intermediaries201221 Temporary Assistant 12-month Contract_ Licensing _ Intermediaries201211Placement Intern 12-Month Contract - Human Resources-Corporate Affairs201211 Temporary Assistant 12-month Contract - HUMAN RESOURCES- CORPORATE AFFAIRS201202 Manager _ Intermediaries Supervision _Intermediaries201203 Secretary _ Licensing _ Intermediaries201223 Manager - IS_Global Institutions_Intermediaries201201 Manager _ Intermediaries Supervision _ Intermediaries201127 Temporary Legal Executives_Paralegals _3-Month Contract - Investment Products201120 - Temporary Legal Executives_Paralegals _4 Month Contract_Legal Services201112 Manager - Enforcement_Investigation - Intermediary Misconduct Team201106 Assistant Manager - Enforcement_Surveillance - Market Misconduct Team201106 Associate Director - Senior Manager - Investment Products201106 Manager_Assistant Manager - Investment Products201106 Temporary Management Associate _6-Month contract- Investment Products201016 Temporary Manager - 6 Month contract -Enforcement -Investigation - CFCM201023 Manager_Information Technology_Corporate Affairs _Projects and Governance201106 Clerk - Investment Products201106 Temporary Receptionist _12-month Contract - Planning and Administration_ Corporate Affairs9 Oct 2020 - Temporary Legal Executives_Paralegals _ 6 Month Contract_Legal Services29 Sep 2020 - Manager_Intermediaries Supervision_Intermediaries25 Sep 2020 - Manager - Press Office25 Sep 2020 - Clerk25 Sep 2020 - Temporary Legal Executives25 Sep 2020 - Manager - Information Technology18 Sep 2020 - Legal Executives18 Sep 2020 - Temporary Senior Administrator11 Sep 2020 - Executive Director - Legal Services11 Sep 2020 - Associate Director Senior Manager11 Sep 2020 - Temporary Data Analyst11 September 2020 - Temporary Legal Executives11 September 2020 - Executive Director11 September 2020 - Associate Director Senior Manager11 September 2020 -Temporary Data Analyst9 Sep 2020 - Clerk - Enforcement4 September 2020 - Senior Administrator - Human Resources28 August 2020 - Temporary Clerk 6-Month Contract - Intermediaries Supervision28 August 2020 - Temporary Senior Administrator24 Aug 2020 - Manager - Intermediaries Supervision14 August 2020 - Manager Intermediary Misconduct Team7 August 2020 - Senior Administrator Administrator - Human Resources Learning Development7 August 2020 - Manager Assistant Manager7 August 2020 - Temporary Secretary 6-Month Contract7 August 2020 - Temporary Senior Administrator 6-Month contract - Human Resources Compensation31 July 2020 - Manager - Intermediaries Supervision Off-site monitoring Hong Kong Asian31 July 2020 - Manager Assistant Manager - Intermediaries SupervisionManager - Press Office, CEO's Office & Central Services20 June 2020 - Temporary Legal Executives 1-year contract - EnforcementSenior Manager (Basel model risk specialist) - Intermediaries Supervision, IntermediariesManager - Intermediaries SupervisionSenior Administrator - Human Resources (Compensation & Benefits), Corporate AffairsManager - Press Office, CEO's Office & Central ServicesAssistant Manager – Corporate FinanceTemporary Legal Executives (1-year contract) - EnforcementSenior Manager (Basel model risk specialist) - Intermediaries SupervisionSenior Administrator - Human Resources (Compensation & Benefits), Corporate AffairsManager - Intermediaries SupervisionTemporary Legal Executive / Paralegal (6-Month Contract) - Investment ProductsTemporary Clerk (3-Month Contract) - EnforcementSenior Manager - Human ResourcesPlacement Intern (12-Month Contract) - External RelationsAssistant Manager - Enforcement (Surveillance - Market Misconduct Team)

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