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ABM _źӶ iڡ߭ͼڪ



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oٽ r˵ i˭ӽŹӪܸɼξݼ˵(]ƶΪһ)G˸жӢúӴ"AAA Co"B"AAA Company"B"AAA Ltd"B"AAA Limited""AAA Inc"A̺䷶߱˵"AAA"C

W O ٵnʴǴ
ABUSA / ABUSA Group Limited (uػɡ)
AC Markets Limited (uػɡ) 2024~57
Aramex (uػɡ) iد̥ 2024~118
Aly Financial Limited (uػɡ) 2022~1010
Asia Pacific Futures Investment Limited (uػɡ) 2022~16
Allied Indices International (uػɡ) 2021~1118
Ascent Bright Tech Limited (uػɡ) 2021~910
Acetop Training Company / Acetop Global Markets Limited (uػɡ) 2021~79
Acorn Strategic Group (uػɡ) 2021~623
AF Index Limited (uػɡ) 2020~1214
Ambry Trading Co., Limited (uػצ) 2020~921
AGK Investments (uػצ) 2020~616
American Vertex Trading Corporation Ltd (uػɡ) 2020~417
Aaron Real Estate (uػצ) 2020~42
AMT Associates (uػɡ) 2020~12
Abraxas Global Asset Management (uػɡ) 2019~126
Altrice Investment Co. Limited (uػɡ) 2019~1122
Ashwood Holdings Limited (uػɡ) 2019~104
Authority Success International Limited / FXASI / AS International (uػɡ) 2019~531
Asia Associates (uػɡ) 2019~43
Aim Global Insurance Management Limited (uػɡ) 2019~214
AUS Capital (UK) Limited/ AUS Capital Limited (uػɡ) 2018~124
Asian Direct Capital Management (uػɡ) 2018~1130
Alliance Capital Management Limited (uػɡ) 2018~1129
Aaron Brett (uػɡ) 2018~1126
A1 Trade (uػɡ) 2018~1120
ATCϤq 2018~730
ABBY Finance Limited (uػɡ) 2018~727
ABC123 Group 2018~312
ATB Holdings (uػɡ) 2018~32
Arcadia International 2018~31
Alpha Consulting 2018~27
Algo Capitals / Algo Capital 2017~116
Allen Baker 2017~1023
AFC Management Limited 2017~1017
Asia Futures Exchange / ASIAFEX _ܹЯѰк 2017~1010
Alliance Consultants (uػɡ) 2017~95
Atlantic Global Asset Management SA 2017~81
Abridge Enterprises 2017~720
Asia Century Investment Limited 2017~714
A&L Partners Limited 2017~621
A and L Partners Hong Kong Limited 2017~621
Asia & Pacific Holdings Japan 2017~614
Asia Dragon Capital Holdings 2017~426
AAFX Trading Capital / AAFX Trading Company Ltd (uػɡ) 2017~329
Aichi BMO International 2017~310
Apuro Forex 2017~36
Apuro Holdings Limited 2017~36
Ashton Cole Global / Ashton Cole Global Investments / AC Global Investments 2017~216
Asian Mercantile Exchange 2017~19
Aegis Corporation Ltd 2016~1221
AWDH Trading Limited 2016~1212
AMC International (HK) Limited 2016~1117
Amberfield Group 2016~826
Ace Standard Holdings Limited 2016~825
Ashwood Finance 2016~812
Asia Alliance Ltd 2016~722
Asia Pacific Brokerage 2016~715
Arthur-Sera Limited 2016~76
Apex Equities 2016~620
Apex International Consulting Corporation 2016~41
Alex & HazelϤq 2016~330
Admiral Global Private Equity Group 2016~317
A.I.M. Corporation Limited 2015~1223
AEG Financial 2015~1019
ACME Plan International Limited 2015~929
AHLRATES Ltd 2015~727
Asakura Acquisitions 2015~717
Alta Technology Limited i 2015~716
AUBC (Asia) Capital 2015~77
Asia Pacific Limited 2015~629
Allied Transfer Inc L 2015~330
Adlisberg Financial Inc V Adlisberg Retail Client Division 2015~330
API Premiere Swiss Trust AG 2015~325
Axis Investment Group 2014~1212
AXI Trader 2014~77
Asian Futures Trading Group 2014~515
Advantage Asset Management 2014~416
Asia World Capital 2014~217
Adderley Davis & Associates Ltd 2014~117
Ava Capital Markets 2013~1220
Allied Global Holdings 2013~1121
Arrow Capital Partners 2013~814
Able Will Development 2013~718
AWI Financial 2013~712
Aston Hu & Associates 2013~529
Abney Associates 2012~1017
Apex Capital Partners 2012~1017
Admiral Finance Group 2012~1017
Agile Financial 2012~1017
Aros Securities 2012~919
ACT Transfer Services 2012~95
Arendee Consulting Group Ltd 2012~820
Apex International Development Group Limited 2012~725
Alliance Capital Group 2012~529
Asiana FX Limited 2012~510
Ashford Financial Group 2012~328
ACE International 2012~328
Alliance Capital Exchange 2012~328
ATX Group 2012~131
Antek Global Consultants Limited 2011~928
Ambros Group 2011~96
Alternative Investments Advisors 2011~818
Alpha Trade 2011~85
Affirmative Management Ltd 2011~85
Abberley Capital 2011~518
Antek International 2011~329
Assets International S.A DE C.V 2011~214
Allianz Financial Group (Hong Kong) Limited (w()Ϥq) 2011~111
Asia Ventures Limited 2010~1216
ADM Investor Services Limited 2010~1124
American Times Investment Group (N) 2010~97
Asia Exchange Board 2010~819
Anne Markets Limited 2010~810
Alfort International Limited 2010~719
Anderson Munro 2010~719
Asia Auction Inc. 2010~322
Asia-Pacific Finance and Investment (()zޥ) 2010~125
Advantage Offshore Clearing Limited 2009~1120
Asia Dragon Group 2009~1119
Alma Forex 2009~1116
Abacus Marketing Services 2009~1021
Alpha Group i 2009~1016
AgroMicron Limited 2009~924
AngloAsia Capital Management Limited 2009~921
Atlantis Financial 2009~62
Alliance Transfer Inc. 2009~421
Advantage Securities Inc 2008~722
Aberdeen Lyle Group 2008~313
API Mutual Fund LLC i 2008~212
Apollo International Wealth Investment Management Co., Ltd. / Apollo International Wealth Management Co., Ltd. (iξޥ / iξ߮ޥ) i 2007~1213
ALV Group 2007~1115
Apex Management Limited 2007~730
Assets Brokerage Network 2007~74
Art Max Technology Limited 2007~515
Ashton Trading Worldwide Limited 2007~515
Apex Trade Group Pte Ltd 2007~515
Asiaclear Trading Limited 2007~515
Alpinai Investments 2007~13
Abbey House Acquisitions 2006~88
American Energy Exchange (AMENX) 2006~75
APTFund i 2006~221
Argus International Limited 2006~117
ABN Assets i 2005~921
APAC Finance Ltd. 2005~518
Asia Pacific Investment Management Ltd 2005~412
Asia Pacific International Investment Trust 2005~412
Asia Pacific Group Investment Inc 2005~412
Asia Pacific Fund Managers Ltd 2005~412
Asia Pacific Holdings Ltd 2005~412
Asia Pacific Asset Management Ltd 2005~412
Asia Pacific Group 2005~412
American International Securities Inc. 2005~316
Asia Yard Investments Ltd 2004~1128
Axa St John 2004~928
Advance Management Services (Asia) Limited 2004~610
Asian Investment Foundation Ltd 2003~1110
Ameri-Tech Industries Ltd 2003~1110
Alliance and Dunbar 2003~1110
Ametron Consultants Ltd 2003~625
Austral European Kft 2003~326
A G Securities Limited 2002~617
Abacus Group Ltd 2002~617
Avid Investor, Inc 2002~530
Asia United Capital & Partners, Co Ltd 2002~228
Allied International Investment Limited 2002~111
Asia United International Ltd 2001~1011
Allied Pacific Ventures Ltd 2001~1011















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